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6 Body Positive Instagram Accounts for Young People to Follow

One of our biggest pieces of advice, is to encourage young people to follow social media accounts of people with diverse body types, shapes and aesthetics and promote body positivity. Here are some of our favourite body positive accounts...

"Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach | Helping you navigate the fitness industry"

For all your fitness industry myth busting goodness! Michael is your daily dose of truth to combat against the 💩 of fitness influencers and the wellness industry. From 'bio hacking' coffee enemas, urine therapy (I wish this was a joke) Michael will make sure you don't fall for any of the latest toxic trends.

"Acting, yoga + podcasts"

Scottee shows us Yoga for wonky wobbly weirdos (their words not mine!).

"Body positive surfer expanding the image of the surfer girl"

Elizabeth brings all the joy and will make you want to take up surfing (even if like me you've never touched a board in your life!)

"Plus size gal just existing✨"

Kaitlyn talks to us every day about different aspects of her body image journey from learning to love your cellulite to how outfits really look on different body types.

"All things self love, gender norms & fashion"

Jake is the role model all young boys need! Life style lushness and all the fashion from a body positive king.

"OG creator | bestselling author | presenter + host 💜 We don't make ourselves smaller here ☀️"

You're welcome. Because Megan's instagram account is a JOY. You will want to shake your 🍑 with Body Positive POWER!!!

Not enough accounts? Head over to our H2M insta account and find out stories full of amazing accounts to follow!

*(all accounts opinions are their own and do not reflect Hungry 2 Move)


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