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About Hungry 2 Move

We started Hungry 2 Move in response to the prevalence of eating disorders and negative body image within young people.

Negative body image or 'body dissatisfaction' can have a massive impact on a young persons, confidence, self esteem and overall mental and physical health. Body dissatisfaction is one contributor to developing disordered eating. 

Eating disorders are on the rise; the number of children and young people admitted to hospital with eating disorders has increased by 35% in the last year. Eating disorders can have severe health implications and long lasting impacts with Anorexia having the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder.

Young people are leading increasingly inactive lifestyles with"just over 50% of children and young people not meeting the chief medical officer's guidance of at least 60 minutes of activity a day - with 30% doing less than 30 minutes a day." 

Negative body image is one reason for young people avoiding exercise with"36% of girls and 24% of boys report avoiding taking part in activities like physical education due to worries about their appearance". 


Research also found that those with greater body appreciation or positive body image are less likely to diet or use alcohol or cigarettes, improving overall health.

Therefore, we believe that something needs to be done to improve body image among young people, not only to reduce the risk of developing eating disorders, but also to increase the likelihood of young people engaging in healthy behaviours that they will continue with into adulthood. 

We aim to be a clear voice tackling misinformation, harmful diet culture & unrealistic body standards, promoted by the beauty and wellness industry. 

IMG_4114 (1).jpeg
35% of young people aged 13-19 said that their body image causes them to ‘often’ or ‘always’ worry.

Mental Health Foundation


At the moment we are working within the West Midlands, while we grow our team to be able to offer our services across the whole of the UK. Interested in joining our team? Get in touch! 

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