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For Young People

Hungry2Move wellbeing excercise workshop dancing

Youth Workshops

We offer fun and engaging dance workshops and informative talks and assemblies on body positivity, self-care & healthy behaviours.

Suitable for schools or youth groups!


After our workshops your young people could:

  • Understand the benefit of exercise on mental and physical health.

  • Have an increased participation in physical activity.

  • Understand health is more than how you look.

  • Have a set of self care skills to reduce negative body image and improve mental health.

  • Understand how social media and the beauty industry can affect your opinion on your own body. 

If you're interested in having a H2M workshop send us an enquiry below or email us at

"The instructors from Hungry 2 Move were not only skilled, but also excellent educators... it was an incredible experience for both students and staff... Hungry 2 Move seamlessly integrated dance and health education"

What we can offer

  • One off workshops 

  • A block of regular workshops or after school sessions

  • Short assemblies or informative lessons

  • Smaller group or 1 on 1 sessions

  • Bespoke sessions to suit your young peoples needs

At the moment we are only offering workshops around the West Midlands, while we grow our team to be able to offer workshops across the whole of the UK. 

Hungry2Move fun dance workshop

Types of Workshop

Comm games 2.jpeg

Informative & Fun

An informative, fun and engaging assembly or talk covering topics including body image, healthy behaviours, exercise, mental health and wellbeing.

Along with the workshop you will receive


A digital copy of our self care guide for every student in your school.


A copy of our teachers advice guide on body image.


Access to our schools resources hub, which is constantly being updated with new resources. (Coming Soon)


A discounted rate on any of our printed resources on our website. (Coming Soon).

Untitled design.png

Social media content ready to post from your schools accounts. 

Pricing Options

1 class lesson £70

Full school, or full year group assembly £100

for one class of up to 30 students. Between 30 - 40 minute interactive lesson in the classroom.

An assembly for a full school, or year group of up to 45 minutes. 

Full day of assembly / lessons for the school £600

1 full day in a school (9am - 3:30pm). See suggested timetables. 

"Hungry 2 Move's workshop was a huge success, and we would highly recommend their services to any school looking to combine the joy of dance with valuable health lessons. Thank you, Hungry 2 Move, for a memorable and educational experience!”

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